Mata Bingin



At Mata Bingin we are family

Most of our staff has been with us  and before with Mick’s Place for a decade – some for more then 20 years!

Komang – Ketut – Sayu – Sri – Ari – Santi  (back)

Made – Thilo – Belinda (front)



While exploring India and South-East Asia, he stumbled upon the enchanting waves of Indonesia and instantly fell in love with the tropical paradise of Bali. Originating from diverse professional backgrounds, his experience in the event and hospitality industry fueled his passion to create  spaces that embrace guests with a comforting atmosphere. This ultimately led him to the role of managing resorts across South-East Asia.



Made has been working as a chef here at our resort since the early beginnings more than 20 years ago. A chef by trade and a local in Bingin he was a true find. Specializing in the Indonesian cuisine but catering to the western pallet Made’s signature dishes such as the Nasi Campur, Seafood BBQ and the Sate Lilit and of course his irresistible banana pancakes have become some of the most favorite dishes among our guests.

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