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5 Tips When Booking Boutique Accommodation In Bingin, Bali

While in Bali, spending a few nights in the Bukit Peninsular region is a definite must. Located on the most southwestern tip of the island, Bukit comprises Uluwatu, Bingin, Pecatu and Balangan, all within minutes drive of each other.

Life in general here in the Bukit Peninsular region is slower-paced and more relaxed than that of Seminyak and Canggu. You can expect amazing white sand beaches, breathtaking views, a growing restaurant scene and incredible waves! It’s generally less crowded and the perfect staycation destination if you need a break from the mundane.

Here are 5 helpful tips for when you’re looking for accommodation in Bingin and beyond.

Amazing Views


One of the reasons why sunseekers and holidaymakers flock to Bingin is for the spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, usually enjoyed from atop a soaring cliff – or better yet, from your room! There is nothing else quite like this on the island, so be sure that the boutique accommodation in Bingin you pick promises you this and more.

Absolute Space and Privacy


While on holiday you want to relax and enjoy the sun, the sea and the sounds of nature amidst tranquillity and privacy without having to jostle for space with crowds of holidaymakers or having to put up with loud noises. Be smart when choosing your Bali accommodation so that you won’t be disappointed once you are check-in!

An On-Site Spa


Nothing is more wonderful than a day at the spa. The Balinese are renowned for their age-old beauty and wellness treatments that will rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Choose a boutique accommodation in Bingin that offers an excellent on-site spa – it should also promise exceptional treatment, quality products, amazing ambiance, and perfect cleanliness.

A Private Pool


Pool sessions should be peaceful moments, best enjoyed in luxury and tranquillity. The pool at your chosen Bali accommodation should only allow access to in-house guests – otherwise, your moments of peace might be disrupted. And nobody wants to fight for space and sundecks, or put up with loud and boisterous behaviour while trying to relax!

In-Villa Dining


It’s nice to go out and about and explore the town while you’re on vacation but dining in the privacy of your own villa is a nice option to have, especially if you’re feeling a little tired or want to head in early. Imagine dining under the stars atop a cliff’s edge in your own private dining pagoda, listening to the sounds of the waves while savoring delectable international and local selections with a glass of wine!

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